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Reishi | Chaga | Lion's Mane


Cordyceps | Turkey Tail | Chaga


Ashwagandha. Ginkgo. Guarana.


Reishi. Chaga. Lion's Mane. Cordyceps. Turkey Tail. Ashwagandha. Guarana. Ginkgo.



Harvested Responsibly

Mikrōdōs ingredients are harvested and formulated with care, and each batch is inspected for quality.


A little dose can make a world of change.



"...literally changed my life."

Katie P. - Los Angeles

"It's exactly what I needed."

Mike K. - Chicago, IL

Why Mikrōdōs?

The Mikrōdōs line was formulated by our in-house Botanist, and went through over two years of R&D before being released to the public.

Each blend has been designed to help the user shift to a desired mindspace based on the needs of the day.

Use the "Calm" blend for travel or stressful situations, the "Focus" blend to boost concentration, or the "Plant Power" blend for an all-around mental and physical boost.

Simple & Natural

Simplicity and transparency are important to us, and that's why every Mikrōdōs blend is made with just three all-natural ingredients.

Botanist Approved

Mikrōdōs was sourced and formulated by our in-house botanist, who graduated from Northern California's Humboldt State University with a specialty in Ethnobotany.

Highly Adaptable

Each blend provides the user with a specific entourage of effects, and encourages a shift in mindstate that each of us may require at one time or another.

A Beginner's Guide To:


Also known as “Nature’s Rocket Fuel”, the Guarana bean holds more natural caffeine than any other plant – for this reason it was once demonised as a dangerous form of supercharged caffeine. The active ingredient in the Guarana plant is guaranine – chemically identical to caffeine. However, in its natural form it is bound to the fibre of the seeds, meaning its stimulating component is released slowly, giving you hours of energy.



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